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Implant GOLD Rush

Ziv Simon has put his heart and soul into creating this first-of-a-kind experience for you. There is nothing conventional about this training. I will de-mysthify what you knew and learned so far. It's not because I know it all or am the best with implants. It's because I too the time to learn this market by communicating with dentists like yourself. I researched what's right and what's wrong. I studied the patterns and methods used to teach and perform implants. The results were amazing! You can only be as good as your teacher. Your teacher is only as good as his or her teacher. The misinformation trickled down and didn't evolve leading to generations of dentists insecure about placing implants.

This is going to change now.





Welcome to the implant GOLD Rush MASTERS program!

I'm excited for your participation and I know we'll have a good time together, learning and excelling in implant surgery.


Day 1 - What is the implant GOLD Rush and how you can win.

In this video I'm talking about the implant gold rush. What is it? What is so bad about it? Where is the opportunity of growth and how you can win that...


Day 1 - 5 Myths about socket grafting

In this video, I dispel 5 myths about socket grafting. You'll learn how simplifying grafting will allow you to treat more cases with higher success rates.


Day 1 - The BEST practices of socket grafting

This video si full of tips and tricks. Actionable advice that if you follow it, you'll experience higher success rates and definitely more clarity in surgery.


Day 1 - The implant workflow that worked for me for almost 20 years

In this video, I reveal the workflow from patient consultation to an integrated implant.


Day 1 - 6 Key guidelines to plan an esthetic implant

This video clarifies the 6 key points in placement of an esthetic implant. This is a must before we get into more detailed training.


Day 1 - Practical tips to become the best in the world

In this lesson, I'm exploring what it takes to reach a high level of surgical excellence.


Day 1 - Behind the scenes

This is a quick documentary clip created for day 1. It brings the essence of the day and the atmosphere.


Day 1 - The making of the implant GOLD Rush promo videos

Each video emphasizes a different pain point and controversy in the world of dental implants.


Day 2 - How to create an implant inventory?

In this video I talk about how to create an implant inventory and give you practical tips on the the topic.


Day 2 - How to negotiate your implant purchase?

When it comes to buying an implant inventory you need to be prepared. You need to be knowledgable and know the rules of the game.


Day 2 - Bone loss around implants - When to treat and when to remove?

I go over some scenarios and talk about the different lines of defense when these things happen.


Day 2 - What is the cost of implant failure?

When an implant fails it costs you more than you think.


Day 2 - Lower your failure rates with a 50-year-old technique that works 99%

Learn the technique taught in this video. It'll save many of your implants and I'm happy to elaborate more.


Day 2 - What is the ideal implant design?

How do you choose the implant? What is the best design? What surface is the best? A knock-off implants ok? Branded implants?


Day 2 - Documentary on day 2 of the broadcast

See the behind the scenes and also something personal and touching that happened. My daughter's good luck note!


Day 3 - 1 or 2 stage implant placement?

In the past we always used a 2-stage approach. Placed an implant with a cover screw, sutured over it and uncovered 4-6 months later.


Day 3 - When a bridge fails and a sinus augmentation

You will learn about the sequence of this treatment and the principles of an indirect sinus augmentation.


Day 3 - The challenge of the lower incisor implant

For some reasons dentists believe that replacing lower incisors is simple, It's very far from the truth and in this video I bust some of these myths and give recommendations.


Day 3 - Documentary

It was a super busy day of teaching and finally introducing the implant gold rush MASTERS course.

It has good theoretical knowledge, it has great – hands on, very interactive, there’s a clinical component in the office, it’s a fantastic venue and it’s overall a very well paced course as well.

Dr. Kaveen
New Zealand

I would definitely recommend Surgical Masters. It’s unique, it’s powerful on multiple levels. I would tell anybody that’s looking to improve their game both clinically, professionally, personally, this is a great investment.

Dr. Mark Link
Westlake Village, CA

I used to not do much surgery at all, and since I started with Surgical Master, I’ve been doing a lot more surgery, has improved my bottom line and renewed my interest in dentistry.

Dr. Patrick Yee
San Luis Obispo, California
Howard Farran, DDS
Founder, Dentaltown



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