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Crown Lengthening Surgery

30 Lessons

If you have ever struggled with excessive soft tissue when preparing a tooth for a crown or had a patient with a "Gummy smile" and short teeth - This course is for you. No need to struggle with subgingival margins and poor impressions and crown misfit.

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Students give Surgical Master an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.


Implant Gold Rush ONLINE

58 Lessons

Sadly, Implants became a commodity. Millions of patients needing implants led to a greed-focused industry and a "rush" for titanium. Place as many implants, as fast as possible at a low cost, low overhead and low quality and win? - NO. You will only end up with a lawsuit, sleepless nights, angry patients and feeling bad about going into implants in the first place. There is another way that will keep your competition behind. It'll make your competition irrelevant. This is the multiplatform "Implant Gold Rush" Course.

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BEST FLAP DESIGNS: Masters of Soft Tissue

25 Lessons

Dr. Ziv Simon goes over 24 Flap Designs.

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Beverly Hills Live Implant Lessons

20 Lessons


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23 Lessons

Learn to plan Computer Guided Implant Surgery cases on your computer

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Speak CT

19 Lessons

Learn how to evaluate CT scans in preparation for implant planning as Dr. Simon "Walks you through" the analysis.

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Complications 911

11 Lessons

This is a first of its kind course that teaches a proven formula for successful complication management with no anxiety and fear but rather confidence while instilling likability, trust and goodwill.

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The 21 Protocols

22 Lessons

21 Step-by-step surgical protocols from free gingival grafting, through managing the missing buccal plate to crown lengthening and many more. Learn how to implement these protocols through Ziv's personalized coaching system.

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13 Lessons

In this online program you will learn the path to get from beginner in implant surgery to a very advanced surgeon. Dr. Simon teaches you the 7 milestones you need to excel in and together with Dr. Delia Tuttle and Dr. Rashad Riman, he elevates you so you are clear about your next steps. If you have been doing only simple cases of 1-2 implants you can't just show up and do full mouth implant placement. You need to know the path explained in this program.

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Implant Accelerator Live Course

25 Lessons

A 3 day intensive curriculum in implant dentistry and soft tissue surgery.

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Inner Circle Monthly Coaching

150 Lessons

This is a monthly coaching and mentorship program with Dr. Ziv Simon for doctors dedicated to mastery and excellence. Every month Dr. Simon conducts an extensive private training and helps you plan your cases, manage complications and have the right mindset to be successful in surgery.

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SUTURE ACADEMY: Suturing made simple

50 Lessons

This rapid-fire course is meant to get your suturing skills up to speed as fast as possible so you can immediately implement. Suturing is a critical skill in surgery. You must master it.

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Mastering Implant Complications

12 Lessons

This training will teach you the clinical steps, the mindset, the verbal skills and the liabilities involved with implant complications. Implants fail, get infected, suffer bone and have soft tissue problems. All of that happens even if you did everything right! Dr. Simon teaches you his philosophy when it comes to these situations. Make sure to ask questions and engage with Dr. Simon and the other dentists taking this course. You can master this!

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Ultimate Surgical Assistant Online

22 Lessons

This course is an open book to Dr. Simon's assisting team. Through the videos you will learn about the surgical set-up for many procedures including sinus lifts, implant surgery, extractions, bone grafting and more.

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Soft Tissue Surgery

12 Lessons

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Confidence and Dental Self Esteem Training

7 Lessons

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