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      The Success Principles of Suturing Mastery

      Suturing like a surgical specialist has been almost impossible until now. This free e-book is the first step in the roadmap to allow you to master suturing by creating clarity and empowering dentists to reach a top level. There is no doubt that suturing is the "secret sauce" for surgical success and Dr. Simon wants you to have it as well.

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      Money Tooth

      The exact protocols for a simple, effective and predictable extraction of the lower molars!

      Download this FREE CONTENT-PACKED BOOK so you too know how to extract lower molars and create great implant sites.

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      The System

      How to Confidently Plan & Execute the Most Important Surgical Procedures Every Dentist Needs to Know

      Get the Free e-Book and learn:
      How to extract a fractured molar with a large abscess.
      How to handle the missing buccal plate with regeneration.
      How to plan and place a precise AND away from the nerve.
      How to preserve tissue with Implant flap design.
      And much more...

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      The 21 Protocols

      The step by step instructions for safe and successful result

      21 Step-by-step surgical protocols from free gingival grafting, through managing the missing buccal plate to crown lengthening and many more. Learn how to implement these protocols through Ziv's personalized coaching system

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      The Profit Protocols

      The Financial Blueprint of Surgery

      The 2018 Surgical Profit Formulas Online Course Featuring the 21 Keys to Financial Success in Surgery for the GP. This comprehensive lesson plan highlights “the economics of surgery.” There is nothing wrong with earning a lot more money for your expertise! Think of how much more good you can do in the world and in your own life. MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE BOOK COMPANION.

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      The Best Flap Designs

      FREE copy of the Best Flap Designs Booklet! Hurry - only while supplies last!

      I've invested time and energy in putting together 24 different flap design to give the most powerful tools to master incisions outlines and flap designs so you can experience success and growth in surgery.

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