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The Ultimate Surgical Assistant Training

If your assistants are your weak links in surgery, you can turn them into your greatest strengths and assets by registering them for this training.


"You are only as strong as your weakest link."


You can be a great surgeon with great knowledge and technique, but if you don't have a great assistant, you will not get a great outcome.

So ask yourself, does your assistant help or hurt you provide the best care for your patients?

If your surgical assistant causes more stress than success, you need to get them our Ultimate Surgical Assistant Training now!


It's a one-time investment.

“The Ultimate Surgical Assistant Training teaches your assistants what they didn’t learn in Dental Assisting School. They will learn that with the right mindset and proper training, they can help reduce stress for you during surgery and provide the expert care your patients deserve.”

- Dr. Ziv Simon

Creator of SurgicalMaster®

Why is it so hard to train or find well-prepared assistants?

The Real Problem is that Dental Assisting Schools have failed in a big way. It focuses more on making than giving them the necessary training needed. In the U.S., it’s a business that has failed to prepare assistants while getting them to take on massive amounts of debt. The result is a shortage of quality and qualified personnel to fill in those positions.

Great Dental Assistants are one of the keys to excelling in surgery and growing a practice. Many of the good assistants are underpaid and many not so good ones are overpaid.

Tell me if you’ve had this experience before:
Your assistant continues to get in your way, and they don’t know what they are doing, fumble finding the right tools, forget to add a prescription at checkout, and lack the confidence during important procedures. All of these issues and more prevent you from doing your job and lose your practice money because patients won’t come back.

The Solution for Poor Surgical Assisting.

The Ultimate Surgical Assistant Training won’t be another expense with a low ROI, this is a training program that you can use with every current and future assistant because it works. You will learn from renowned Periodontist, Dr. Ziv Simon and his A-Team on how to develop your current talent or onboard new talent with the proper mindset and knowledge base training, so you don’t have these problems again.

What does an Ultimate Surgical Assistant look like?

  • Knowledgeable about common surgeries
  • Knows the instruments
  • Knows the sequence
  • Can manage a patient
  • Can manage technical problems
  • Calm and composed
  • Nurturing
  • Confident

Having an Ultimate Surgical Assistant helps dentists:

  • Reduce stress during surgery
  • Perform more successful surgeries
  • Keep patients happy and healthy
  • Provide a positive experience for patients
  • Become more efficient during surgery - More patients, more money
  • Have motivated, educated dental assistants who love what they do

To have an assistant have all of that, Register him or her to this training


Buy our Ultimate Surgical Assistant Training and receive:

Ultimate Surgical Assistant Online Course

The #1 Surgical Assistant online training course. It features 29 instructional videos that take you step-by-step on what it takes to become an Ultimate Surgical Assistant and a motivated employee that contributes to practice growth.

$997 Value

Ultimate Surgical Assistant Book Series

A 3-book series featuring Dr. Ziv Simon’s top dental assistants as they teach you important tips and tricks in becoming an Ultimate Surgical Assistant

The three books include:

  1. The proper surgical instrument set up with Patti Vasquez
  2. How to make patients comfortable and calm with Lilly
  3. How to manage complications with Jose

$291 Value

The 5 Pillars of The Ultimate Surgical Assistant Audio Program

Our #1 inspirational audio program where Dr. Ziv Simon talks about the importance of the surgical assistant in the team and motivates assistants to excel in what they do.

This program will teach assistants:

  • How to increase their personal value and role
  • Empower them to be the best assistant possible
  • How to advance their position in the practice and make more money
  • And more helpful advice to make your assistants excellent in surgical assisting

$97 Value

The Ultimate Assisting in Bone Grafting Audio Program

  • You will learn important principles in assisting a dentist in the different types of bone grafting.
    This program teaches assistants:

    • How to be more valuable and contribute more to the practice
    • How to properly assist the dentist during bone grafting procedures
    • Knowledge of all types of bone grafting
    • And more helpful tips and tricks that can make a huge difference in bone grafting success

$97 Value

Ultimate assisting in Implant surgery

  • In this CD your assistant will learn about the implant surgery workflow
  • The systems for implant placement
  • The importance of the right inventory
  • How to focus on safety during implant surgery
  • How to ensure the right burs are used
  • How to deliver the implant to you.
  • Will gain clarity about what you do as the dentist placing the implants.
  • Learn preparation for implant surgery

Ultimate Assisting in Soft Tissue Grafting

  • In this CD your assistant will learn key points in soft tissue grafting
  • How to best position the patient to harvest tissue
  • How to handle the graft
  • What not to do
  • How to control bleeding
  • and more key points in soft tissue grafting that will increase the safety and success of your soft tissue grafts.

Stress-Free Surgery: Turning your weakest link into your greatest strength" By Dr. Ziv Simon and Dr. Rashad Riman

This book serves as a roadmap to becoming a top surgical assistant. It sells dentists on the dream and possibility of having a dental assistant that understands them and what she/he are doing so that the dentist can work with less stress and achieve better results.

$97 Value


Surprise Bonus #1: The USA All-star Mentorship Program

The ultimate one-year program where assistants have access to a Facebook Group and a private Whatsapp Group to share knowledge and ask Dr. Ziv’s All-Star Assistants questions in real time.

Dr. Simon’s assistants answer your questions on:

  • Materials
  • Equipment
  • Common surgery problems or complications
  • Where and how to order the right equipment
  • How to get a good deal on equipment
  • Create proper inventory

$1200 Value

Bonus #2: Amazon Echo Show

- You are getting this amazing device sent to you as part of your assistant enrollment. We want you to have it because you are going to LOVE how this is incorporated into the Ultimate Surgical Assistant Program.

GET the POWER of VOICE in your office today combined with the training. You are getting this sent to you.

- We found a unique way to guide you in your practice. Consider this my voice in your practice (plus enjoy all the other features it offers. Check it out).

$129 Value

Bonus #3: Assistants' 1-on-1 Coaching Session

- Tell us what you and your assistant's struggles are and we will coach you out of it.

This session will be scheduled upon enrollment.

$300 Value

Bonus #4: The Surgical Huddle Online Course

A tutorial video where Dr. Ziv Simon reviews different surgical cases in a way assistants can easily understand. It gives assistants invaluable guidelines and pointers to focus on better assisting their dentist when patients are in the chair. Every assistant needs to watch before the surgery.

$497 Value

Bonus #5: Protocols for Successful Surgical Results

21 Protocols Book & Online Training covering the clinical and surgical protocols. Dr. Simon walks you through various types of procedures and clinical situations so nothing is left to chance.

$997 Value

Register your assistants to the Ultimate Surgical Assistant Training. Put this program to work. it will make a world of a difference in your assistants motivation, dedication, skills and confidence.

This is Exactly What you will be getting with your purchase of the Ultimate Surgical Assistant Training:

  • Ultimate Surgical Assistant Online Course - $997 Value
  • Prevent and manage complications: Important tips for surgical assistants book - $97 Value
  • Creating a great patient experience in surgery: Ultimate tips for patient management - $97 Value
  • The surgical set up: Ultimate Assistant Preparation for Surgery - $97 Value
  • Stress-Free Surgery: Turn Your Weakest Link Into Your Greatest Strength Book - $97 Value
  • The 5 Pillars of The Ultimate Surgical Assistant Audio Program - $97 Value
  • Ultimate Assisting in Bone Grafting Audio Program - $97 Value
  • Ultimate Assisting in Soft Tissue Grafting Audio Program - $97 Value
  • Ultimate Assisting in Implant Surgery Audio Program - $97 Value
  • The Surgical Huddle Online Course - $497 Value
  • The USA Mentorship Program with Assistant WhatsApp and Facebook group $1200
  • Assistant 1-on-1 Coaching Session $300
  • Amazon Echo Show $129
  • 21 Protocols for a Safe and Successful Surgical Results, book and Online program - $997 Value

Total Value: $4,896

We want every dental practice that provides surgical treatment to have Ultimate Surgical Assistants that are clear, confident and are excellent in assisting surgical procedures. This one program can be used by all of the assistants in your practice. You buy it once, train all of your current and future assistants. Let the program do the training for you.

 To make it affordable to more practices, we now reduced the cost by almost 70%! 

You can have the full package now for only $997


This training is fully guaranteed. If whatever reason you are not happy, blown away, excited with the results and the assistant transformation doesn't happen or for whatever reason, simply send us an email within 30 days of purchase, and you will be fully refunded. You don't have to provide a reason for the return.

I am very confident that this will make a big difference because I modeled this training based on my very own assistant's training in my Beverly Hills surgical practice.
I hope it'll be fantastic for you and your practice but if whatever reason you'd like to return it within 30 days, no problem.

To your surgical success, prosperity and happiness,


About Dr. Ziv Simon

At the tender age of four, young Ziv declared that he wanted to be a dentist to anyone who would listen. True to his word, he stayed the course and obtained his Dental Degree and Bachelor of Medical Sciences degree from Tel Aviv University (where he also held a teaching position in the Department of Prosthodontics). He went on to receive his Master of Science Degree in Periodontology and a Periodontal Graduate Degree from the University of Toronto.

With an insatiable appetite for learning and growing, Dr. Simon conducted advanced research on bone engineering and dental implants. He relocated to the United States and founded the Beverly Hills Multidisciplinary Dental Study Group and served as director of the Beverly Hills Academy of Dentistry.

For more than 20 years he has been lecturing nationally and internationally on smile design, implant dentistry and tissue; and teaching at the School of Dentistry, University of Southern California. Today, with a successful periodontic practice in Beverly Hills, Dr. Simon caters to what are likely the world’s most discerning patients.  He is also dedicated to creating world class mentoring programs and surgical training modules for GPs to succeed at a whole new level.

Dr. Simon’s credits also include:

  • Double boarded periodontist
  • Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology & Dental Implant Surgery
  • Fellow, Royal College of Dentists of Canada
  • Lectured at the American Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Inventor of the zPAD suturing system and Suture Academy
  • “Most followed” surgical educator online in the world

With the expertise of a highly skilled specialist and a deep passion for sharing his knowledge, he established the SurgicalMasters program, of which his Inner Circle is a part.


Hurry! The Registration window is ending soon.

Join my USA All-Star team and me and show your assistants how to become the confident, knowledgeable Ultimate Surgical Assistant you’re proud to work with.