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Implant GOLD Rush

Ziv Simon has put his heart and soul into creating this first-of-a-kind experience for you. There is nothing conventional about this training. I will de-mysthify what you knew and learned so far. It's not because I know it all or am the best with implants. It's because I too the time to learn this market by communicating with dentists like yourself. I researched what's right and what's wrong. I studied the patterns and methods used to teach and perform implants. The results were amazing! You can only be as good as your teacher. Your teacher is only as good as his or her teacher. The misinformation trickled down and didn't evolve leading to generations of dentists insecure about placing implants.

This is going to change now.





Week 1 - Replacing a central incisor in a delayed approach

Sadly, Implants became a commodity. Millions of patients needing implants led to a greed-focused industry and a "rush" for titanium.


Week 1 - Part 1 - Root fracture with a fistula for 20 years

In this video, I'm introducing you to a patient that is getting married in a few months and needs an implant replacement.


Week 1 - Part 2 - What is the best course of action?

In this video I lay out my recommendation.


Week 1 - Part 3 - Extraction and managing the missing buccal plate

I call it "nothing to do with ice cream cone" technique, because the membrane has different shapes.


Week 1 - Part 4 - Preparing for the surgery

You see all the moving parts and I share the exact way of planning an esthetic implant. If you don't have much experience, it may look confusing.


Week 1 - Part 5 - Preparing for the surgery

Always review the scan and the plan before the procedure.


Week 1 - Part 6 - Surgery time!

Throughout this course you'll see different approaches that you can utilize in your surgeries. After some time, you'll develop a good methodology in regards to managing the soft tissues.


Week 1 - Part 7 - What to do after it integrates?

Take some time to think about the best approach in creating a good emergence profile.


Week 1 - Part 8 - The emergence profile and the wedding!

I layed out all the different steps of the procedure and also the thought process behind them.


Week 1 - Part 9 - BONUS: The BEST implant flap designs

This was one of my most popular webinars and it is dedicated to the best implant flap designs.


Week 2 - Part 1 - Tooth failure after 58 years

Replacing primary teeth can be super easy because of excess bone height and space maintenance.


Week 2 - Part 2 - What is the best option?

Extract --> Graft--> Delayed placement ? Extract --> immediate placement --> gap grafting? Immediate load?


Week 2 - Part 3 - Simulating immediate implant placement

 Start mastering primary teeth replacement in the non-esthetic zone first and then move to the esthetic zone.


Week 2 - Part 4 - Managing the socket post extraction

In this video, you'll learn about the extraction process and how to manage the socket in preparation for implant placement.


Week 2 - Part 5 - How to place into an extraction socket?

In this case it was simple because I used a restrictive computer-guide.


Week 2 - Part 6 - How to graft the gap?

Here's my rule and it keeps things simple: Always graft the gap!


Week 2 - Part 7 - Final tweaks before impressions

Not much can be done once the implant is placed and the gap was grafted. I wait 2 month and then check for integration.


Week 3 - Part 1 - Upper premolars with a poor prognosis

In this week's videos you will lear how we replace them in a very predictable protocol.


Week 3 - Part 2 - What is best way to replace?

Set yourself up for success and create good conditions that promote safety.


Week 3 - Part 3 - How to graft infected sockets?

Assuming there is no sinus perforation, grafting these socket is a very simple procedure.


Week 3 - Part 4 - Conventional guide vs Computer guide?

In this quick video, I'm reviewing the requirements prior to a CT scan.


Week 3 - Part 5 - Virtual planning of the implantation and sinus lift.

In this video I review the whole process all the way until I order a surgical guide.


Week 3 - Part 6 - What is the best flap design for this case?

Make sure to give the incision outline some thought because that will determine your flap.


Week 3 - Part 7 - The osteotomies are close to the sinus

In this video, I show you the drilling protocol to the sinus floor BEFORE you start the lift.


Week 3 - Part 8 - How to perform an INDIRECT sinus lift?

In this video, I explain the principles of an indirect sinus augmentation.


Week 3 - Part 9 - Fully guided placement together with a sinus lift

Based on the principles you learned in the previous video, you will now see the augmentation and the placement.


Week 3 - Part 10 - Best implant uncovering method

In this video, you'll see how easy it is to "find" the implants and also remove some excess bone and tissue.


Week 4 - Part  1 - Realities of a "Blow-out" site

We're in week #4 and this one is dedicated to replacing the "Money tooth" (lower first molar).


Week 4 - Part  2 - Surgical extraction process grafting with...

In this video, I also introduce you to the Dentin graft and show you a few videos of how we process it in my practice.


Week 4 - Part  3 - How to manage the missing buccal plate?

In this video I also discuss the rationale behind not reflecting a flap.


Week 4 - Part  4 - Did the buccal plate regenerate?

Did the bone graft work? Do we have enough bone for an implant? Can we place it in a good restorative position?


Week 4 - Part  5 - Surgery time!

In this video, I discuss what I think is the best flap design for the case and share the osteotomy preparation.


Week 4 - Part  6 - What is a contour graft and how to perform it?

Learn about the bone graft material and the membrane I'm using and also why I'm using them.


Week 4 - Part  7 - How to check for integration?

Watch this video to learn what I do and it has worked for me.


Week 5 - Part  1 - The challenges in the posterior maxilla

We are kicking it up another notch. More implants and dealing with the maxillary sinus in the molar region.


Week 5 - Part 2 - What's the regenerative potential? any pitfalls?

Successful treatment is really about expectation management. Under promise and over deliver!


Week 5 - Part  3 - A look into the sinus and a virtual simulation

In this video I perform a virtual surgery.


Week 5 - Part  4 - Preparing for the extraction of #2 and placement of #3 implant

Look out for sinus communications in the scan and also advise your patients of the oroantral fistula risk.


Week 5 - Part  5 - How I extracted #2 and the graft I used

Many dentists are asking me about my bone grafting formula. Here are my general guidelines.


Week 5 - Part  6 - Implant placed and an unpleasant surprise...

In this case, I saw something for the first time after the implant integrated.


Week 5 - Part  7 - Compartment technique and site preparation

In this video, you'll see the full process of an upper molar extraction and preparing the site for an implant.


Week 5 - Part  8 - The perfect sinus membrane

It was think enough but not too thick. The sinus was pneumotized (clear).


Week 5 - Part  9 - Preparation for implantation and sinus lifting

The virtual planning helped tremendously in preparing me for this procedure.


Week 5 - Part  10 - Flap design for upper molar and the Palacci technique

If you know where to make incisions and why, you're on a fast track to mastering surgery.


Week 5 - Part  11 - Checking integration and conclusions

Are you starting to get into my philosophy of placing implants?


Week 6 - Part  1 - The challenges of multiple adjacent implants

This is going to be the most involved module with the most videos and clinical footage.


Week 6 - Part  1 - The challenges of multiple adjacent implants

This is going to be the most involved module with the most videos and clinical footage.


Week 6 - Part  2 - My "dark" implant past in this case

I've treated this patient in the past and it wasn't my best performance.


Week 6 - Part  3 - Redemption time. I can perform better today

In this video I describe the problem, the extraction, creating a wax-up and a duplicate model to be merged with the CT scan data.


Week 6 - Part  4 - Planning multiple adjacent implants take time

This video demonstrates all the steps involved in the planning software.


Week 6 - Part  5 - Reviewing the important details and the computer guide

Inspect the guide and review the photos. Expect some problems that were not visible in the planning.


Week 6 - Part  6 - My operatory set-up and IV sedation

In this video, I talk about the role of IV sedation for certain cases and give you guidelines.


Week 6 - Part  7 - Your "right hand" has 4 hands

In this video, I discuss the role of the assistants and our interactions.


Week 6 - Part  8 - How to take photos during surgery?

In the the video, I talk about and show you how to take surgical photos.


Week 6 - Part  9 - Flap design and creating multiple osteotomies

In this video you will see how this really works including a look into the operatory and the team interactions.


Week 6 - Part  10 - Limited surgical & restorative space and the ideal torque values

In this video, I show the placement of #29 implant. It was a very tight space surgically and restoratively.


Week 6 - Part  11 - Suturing - Plain gut 4/0

In this video I suture the case. It's one of my favorite aspects of each procedure.


Case complete! (Is it really?)

In this video I discuss the conclusion of the case and also show you an unpleasant surprise...

I would definitely recommend Surgical Masters. It’s unique, it’s powerful on multiple levels. I would tell anybody that’s looking to improve their game both clinically, professionally, personally, this is a great investment.

Dr. Mark Link
Westlake Village, CA
Howard Farran, DDS
Founder, Dentaltown

I used to not do much surgery at all, and since I started with Surgical Master, I’ve been doing a lot more surgery, has improved my bottom line and renewed my interest in dentistry.

Dr. Patrick Yee
San Luis Obispo, California

It has good theoretical knowledge, it has great – hands on, very interactive, there’s a clinical component in the office, it’s a fantastic venue and it’s overall a very well paced course as well.

Dr. Kaveen
New Zealand



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