Crown Lengthening Surgery



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Dr. Simon teaches his clear, simple and practical approach

Crown Lengthening Surgery

Dr. Simon will teach you when esthetic and functional crown lengthening surgery can come to your rescue and help you achieve excellent and long-lasting results. This course will also teach you about incision and flap design and the instruments you need to perform this must-know procedure. Dr. Simon in his clear, simple and practical approach will teach you how to control soft tissue level in a predictable way. Included in this course are sections on how to prepare for the procedures and detailed step-by-step videos that will allow you to replicate these results in your practice. The course is ideal with its companion - The 6-hour AUDIO program on crown lengthening. Upon completion you will earn 10 CE credits and a graduation certificate. Let's go!!





Week 1 - What you MUST know

How to gain the maximum amount of information from this course.


Week 2 - When to recommend crown lengthening

This week I'd like to tackle indications. You need to understand why crown lengthening is so important and also be able to convey this to your patient.


Week 2 - Part 1 - Start with "when" and "why"

In this video I talk about 4 main related reasons. Two have to do with eruption and two have to do with the musculoskeletal complex.


Week 2 - Part 2 - Short teeth and a "gummy" smile

Take a "mental snapshot". Once you understand the 2 main conditions described in the video, it'll open your mind to what is happening in your own practice.


Week 2 - Part 3 - Your restorative challenges

There are true challenges when you're preparing a tooth for a restoration. I talk about the critical points in my opinion.


Week 2 - Part 4 - Functional crown lengthening (mentoring video)

In the video, you'll see some clinical situations that require functional crown lengthening in a real world practice.


Week 2 - Part 5 - Esthetic crown lengthening overview

This video is a summary about the "Short tooth" syndrome which is related to excessive soft tissue. You may have seen part of this video as part of the launch of the course.


Week #3 - Always be prepared

In this session I discuss preparation for functional crown lengthening. From finding the ideal cases, through reviewing dilemma to discussing this with your patient.


Week 3 - Part 1 - Always be prepared

Like a good boy scout, "Always be prepared". The more you prepare for your surgery, the better the results the happier the patient will be.


Week 3 - Part 2 - Simulate and find the ideal gingival margin

This video talks about very simple methods to do that. I suggest you do ALL of them. Why not give the patient the best possible treatment?


Week 3 - Part 3 - The roadmap with NO shortcuts

The ROADMAP will also ensure a smooth procedure with no surprises.


Week 3 - Part 4 - Live session #2

This is live session #2 is dedicated to preparing for esthetic crown lengthening.


Week #4 - You are now ready for surgery

You are now taking all the knowledge you acquired, the time in preparation and energy spent working the case up and distilling it into a 2 hour procedure.


Week 4 - Part 1 - Functional crown lengthening surgery

 Understand the problem you're trying to solve. Know about biologic width, ferrule and retention. Know bone anatomy.


Week 4 - Part 2 - Multiple teeth & the Distal Wedge

In this video you'll also learn about the distal wedge concept and how it works. It's extremely important to have this option.


Week 4 - Part 3 - How to deal with a torus?

I created this video to give you a course of action so next time a torus reveals its ugly head you will know what do.


Week 4 - Part 4 - The steps of esthetic crown lengthening

Once you know the ideal gingival margin and have done all your preparations, it's time to deliver!


Week 4 - Part 5 - Esthetic crown lengthening

In this detailed video, I share all the steps of esthetic crown lengthening surgery.


Week 4 - Part 6 - How about the frenum?

This video doesn't teach a frenectomy in the conventional sense. I assume you know how to perform a conventional frenectomy procedure.


Week 4 - Part 7 - Putting it all together

This case had a few challenges that I'm addressing in this video.


Week 4 - Part 8 - Complications - Infection & Sloughing

Take a look at this video and you'll know how to manage these 2 problems. I used parts of this video in the launch and it now find its way in full in our course.


Week 4 - Part 9 - Hyperplasia, Frenectomy and challenges

If you can learn only 2 things in this course it would be the management of gingival hyperplasia and a frenectomy (you'll learn a bunch more no doubt).


Week 4 - Part 10 - The 3 steps of the frenectomy procedure

The technique presented in this video works close to 100% without relapse. All you need to do is follow the 3 moves.


Week 4 - Part 11 - Live session #3

Learn about the instruments and when to use them as well as certain pitfalls to avoid.


Week 4 - Part 12 - Live session #4

This live session is about understanding the step-by-step of esthetic crown lengthening surgery more in detail.


Week 4 - Part 13 - Live session #5

What is the difference between the lower and upper incisors? I'll answer this question and talk about the new challenges we are facing.


Week 4 - Part 14 - Live session #6

I'm going to talk about the protocol I used for many years called "The A to F Protocol". I know this is going to be very helpful.


Bonus Week 5 - MORE resources to learn from

Understand the etiology of what the main concern is and start working towards a solution as I outlined in this course.


How to get your graduation certificate and credits

Congratulations on completing the program on crown lengthening! Time for the Exam.



No need to stress at all. Everybody passes. At the end of the test you'll get the results and the correct answers.

I used to not do much surgery at all, and since I started with Surgical Master, I’ve been doing a lot more surgery, has improved my bottom line and renewed my interest in dentistry.

Dr. Patrick Yee
San Luis Obispo, California
Howard Farran, DDS
Founder, Dentaltown

I would definitely recommend Surgical Masters. It’s unique, it’s powerful on multiple levels. I would tell anybody that’s looking to improve their game both clinically, professionally, personally, this is a great investment.

Dr. Mark Link
Westlake Village, CA

It has good theoretical knowledge, it has great – hands on, very interactive, there’s a clinical component in the office, it’s a fantastic venue and it’s overall a very well paced course as well.

Dr. Kaveen
New Zealand



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